Frequently Asked Questions

How are your hot sauces made?

We slowly ferment our hot sauces using the finest Australian ingredients for at least 4 weeks. Where possible we use freshly picked chillies and herbs from our garden and sometimes there will be slight variations in heat level of our sauces due to seasons and because we work in small batches. All of our hot sauces are cooked after fermentation, and then hand milled and hot bottled to provide you with the best hot sauce around.

How long will your hot sauces keep for?

Our sauces will last up to 12 months if stored in the fridge after opening. We do not use preservatives or anything artificial in our hot sauces, however the lacto-fermentation process we use to make our sauces is one of the oldest forms of food preservation in the world and we test all our batches to make sure that the PH levels are low enough to last at least 12 months in the fridge after opening, so remember to refrigerate after opening.

Why does the sauce sometimes separate?

We do not use any stabilisers or thickeners because we wanted to create the tastiest, most intensive hot sauce ever, without any added or unnecessary ingredients which means that sometimes our sauces may separate. Simply shake before use.